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Sorrow Arrow official release party

Alisa Heinzman—April 24, 2014

Octopus Books is officially releasing its newest title, Sorrow Arrow by Emily Kendal Frey, with a reading at the IPRC tomorrow night. Rodney Koeneke will also be officially launching his own new title, Etruria, which was recently published by Wave Books. Get to Portland, go to the IPRC, bring crisp bills for good books.

Cosmo says to read our books

Alisa Heinzman—April 16, 2014

In their list of 12 Poetry Collections Every Woman Should Read, Cosmopolitan recommends Patricia Lockwood’s Balloon Pop Outlaw Black and Heather Christle’s The Trees The Trees.  We recommend them too. Boys and girls, let’s do what Cosmo says.